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What’s the Difference Between Backlit and Lighted Mirror?

A bathroom mirror can make a significant difference to the visual effect of your bathroom space. There are special illuminated bathroom mirrors available in the market and two common types include backlit and lighted mirrors.

Backlit mirrors are equipped with light bulbs behind the mirror. On the contrary, lighted mirrors are designed with bulbs on top or underneath the glass surface. But this isn’t the only difference between the two types of illuminated mirrors, so let’s further discuss which type of bathroom mirror would be perfect for your space.

How Backlit and Lighted Mirrors are Different?

The major difference is where LED lights are placed. Because of this reason, they may differ in terms of appearance and design. Here’s the difference between backlit and lighted mirrors:

  • Placement of Lights

Backlit mirrors have lights placed behind them. The strip of LED lights is mounted at the base that keeps the mirror glass away from the wall. If we see from a technical aspect, a backlit mirror is a type of lighted mirror.

On the other hand, a lighted mirror is where LED lights develop illumination from the front of the mirror when opposed to from the back.

  • Appearance and Design

Since there is a difference in LED placement, you will see a difference in the design and appearance of lighted and backlit mirrors. In backlit mirrors, you will see the light coming from behind and they are usually mounted onto the wall to achieve a full effect.

Lighted mirrors are always front-lit. Some models have their lights mounted within the mirror base and the surface featuring etchings allow light to pass through. Other models have their lights installed around the mirror surface border, which effectively frames the mirror from the front and gives light straight onto your face.

  • Portability and Versatility

Backlit mirrors are attached to the wall for a backlit effect to work and they are not portable. On the other side, lighted mirrors don’t always need to be placed on the wall. While they look fabulous on any wall, they are also designed to be compact, smaller, and can work on their own without being installed on the wall. These are often considered vanity mirrors as they can be easily placed on the vanity and make your grooming session more convenient.

Which is Better – Backlit Mirror or Lighted Mirror?

Now that you have understood the difference between the two, it is important to know which is more ideal to use in certain situations. Let’s discuss those scenarios:

When to Use a Backlit Mirror?

Because LED lights are placed, backlit mirrors give a sophisticated and fantastic look. The glow comes from behind the frames, creating an elegant and chic atmosphere. Therefore, these are better when you wish to achieve a superb effect in your bathroom or any other part of your home that would gain more value from an illuminated mirror.

If a sense of aesthetics, good source of light, efficient LED lights, and ease of installation appeals to you the most, go for backlit mirrors.

When to Use a Lighted Mirror?

If you need a makeup mirror to put on your desk or carry for travel, then a smaller, compact mirror with a front-lighted frame is a viable choice. A portable lighted makeup mirror can serve as a desk lamp, night light, ring light, vanity light, or whatever else.

If you’re looking for excellent lighting, superior design, and style, energy-saving option, and increase the value of your property, opt for lighted mirrors.


You can find a variety of bathroom mirrors in Ireland or elsewhere and above we have discussed the difference between two common types – backlit and lighted mirrors. Both of these can help improve the experience of applying makeup and simply increase the overall value of your space.

These types of mirrors are designed to meet the different preferences and needs of each individual. This is why we encourage you to explore various options to find out which model would be perfect for you.

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