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Why Choose Wet And Wavy Hair Extensions

Wet and wavy hair extensions are an excellent choice since they can easily transition from being wavy to straight and from being straight to wavy. Women who want to experiment or add variety to their hair can explore the numerous types of hair weaves. The main advantage of wet and wavy hair weave is that you need no chemicals to straighten or curly the hair; instead, it changes naturally from straight to curly and back again.

Wet and wavy hair weave from Hair Factory is composed of 100 percent virgin human hair without any chemical processing and is taken from healthy young girl donors. It provides the most realistic-looking weaves. Wet and wavy human hair from us lasts a very long time and gives you many styling options. 

Additionally, these weaves can survive heat treatments. 

Very little chemical and thermal preparation are necessary to preserve its natural shape. Wet and wavy hair hardly ever loses hair, tangles, or becomes dull, so it always looks healthy.

The transition from lovely, bouncy curls to sleek, sassy straight hair is simple with wet and wavy hair-articlesz. It’s great because you don’t have to change your weave or add a new one.

How to Switch Your Wet And Wavy Hair Extensions

Method 1: Use a brush on your hair extensions

Brazilian’s wet and wavy is designed to curl and relax without the use of chemicals naturally. You must dampen it lightly with water and let the hair naturally curl and halkalı escort wave.

Use a round brush to gradually smooth out the waves if you want to straighten up Its curls and sport a sleeker look. Beginning at the tips of your dry hair extensions, take one section of hair at a time and brush the hair down.

Method 2: Bring the Heat

You need to use a flat iron to straighten your hair pieces out if your Brazilian is wet and wavy, and has tighter curl patterns. Your hair must be securely fastened to your head for this method to function. This will allow you to utilize the iron effectively without applying too much heat or repeatedly running it over your hair. 

Put your iron to the lowest setting to obtain the best results and prevent burning your hair. Before flat ironing, try brushing out part of the curl as mentioned above. Your wet and wavy hair will be saved and protected as a result.

Using a comb or brush attachment on a hair drier is another approach to make your wet and wavy hairstyles straighter. When the hair dryer is on the warm setting, it uses far less heat than a flat iron would, and you may get the same results. When flat ironing or blow-drying your hair, ensure it is absolutely dry. 


Now you know how wet and wavy hair is the perfect hairstyle to flaunt. They are very lovely making women look exceptionally pretty. However, keep the tips to care for the Brazilian human hair bundles-articlesz mentioned above in your heart.

Flaunt your wet and wavy hair boldly like there is no one above you!


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