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Wix SEO Tips To Improve A Website’s Performance!

Wix is a free website builder that gives web hosting and design services. The platform is greatly popular for its user-friendliness, ready-made themes, and effective tools. Mainly, this platform is helpful for medium and small e-commerce businesses.

As the platform has gained popularity over the years, it has also improved its SEO techniques to help users. However, one still needs to put some external effort to ensure his or her site stands out among the rest. Here are some effective Wix SEO tips that one can use to achieve the same.

SEO Tips to Improve a Wix Website’s Performance


If business website owners choose Wix for their businesses, they should know the tips below to get the most out of this platform. These are as follows,

  1. Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential in boosting a website’s organic performance. For example, this would ensure a website is only showing up on targeted SERPs that its audience frequents.

Website owners can conduct these themselves, but hiring a Wix SEO expert would bring the best results. This is because experts take help from different tools and analyze the searchers’ intent while listing focus keywords.

  1. Incorporating Long-Tailed Keywords

Long-tailed keywords generally have low search volume and competition; therefore, they can help one to get a better ranking. In addition, they are more specific and get matched with searchers’ intent more prominently. Such keywords are also a great way of targeting voice searchers as they tend to ask elaborate queries.

  1. Optimizing for Local SEO

Local SEO is integral because the platform is mainly for medium and small businesses. SEO experts follow the local people’s search intentions and requirements in this strategy. Accordingly, they optimize websites and retain their demand in the surrounding locality.

  1. Making the Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendliness is another critical feature of a successful website. Research shows that as of 2022, the maximum search queries are coming from mobile devices. Hence, a website should be mobile-friendly to get this massive amount of users.

  1. Using Wix

Wix Wiz is a great SEO tool for beginners as it helps to optimize a site very quickly. In this tool, one needs to provide necessary business details, such as the business’s name, description, etc. Afterward, this tool will give the respective company an effective and customized SEO checklist.

  1. Submitting Proper Sitemap

A sitemap denotes a website’s whole plan that must be presented in front of the search engines for crawling. A sitemap is an essential technical thing; therefore, business owners must hire a Wix SEO expert to do it optimally. However, Google Search Console also helps to submit sitemaps.

  1. Optimizing Titles and Descriptions

Updating metadata is crucial as it represents a website on SERP. Therefore, optimizing it with proper keywords is necessary. However, this optimization also includes putting unique approaches in the meta contents of every web page.

  1. Linking with Google Search Console and Analytics

Google Search Console and Analytics are beneficial for gaining insight into a website’s performance. For instance, one can check a website’s different aspects, such as keywords’ performance, click-through rate, suggestions, warnings from Google, etc.

One can perform Wix SEO effectively by following the tips mentioned above. However, multiple other tips can help make a website search engine friendly. Business owners can also choose to rely on an expert and leave all these techniques to them.

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